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Medical Conditions

This policy contains conditions relating to your health.

Please note: We are unable to provide cover for any claim arising as a result of an existing medical condition of a non-travelling close relative, close business associate or friend living abroad who you had planned to stay with, or any known or recognised complication of or caused by the existing medical condition.

If you are answering the medical questions on behalf of someone else, you must make sure that you have their permission to do so and you have all of the required information to answer the medical questions fully and accurately. If you are not sure of (or do not know) any of the information you are giving us, the answers must be checked with the treating G.P.

Failure to accurately and fully declare all medical condition(s) for everyone to be insured on this policy will affect your cover and may result in your claim being declined.

Do you, or anyone to be insured on the policy, have a medical condition?

There is an on-going health warranty on your cover.

If you or any insured person have any change in health, or your answers to any of the questions you have answered today change at any point after the purchase of this policy, you must contact us by telephone to inform us of this change in health before travelling and paying the balance in any payments to ensure you are fully covered for your trip. Cover will only apply if such changes are accepted by us and confirmed in writing to you.

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  1. Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    This insurance policy will ONLY provide cover for claims as a result of pandemic and/or epidemic, including but not limited to Coronavirus (Covid-19) within the following sections:

    Section A - Cancellation or curtailment charges, Section B - Emergency medical expenses & repatriation, Section J - End supplier failure (including scheduled airline failure) and Section K - Attraction, event & excursion tickets); provided that you have received the recommended number of doses of an approved Coronavirus vaccine 14 days prior to your trip commencing. This vaccination requirement shall not apply where you were ineligible for vaccination, or unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons, and this is shown in your medical records.

    Please be aware: There is no cover under this policy if (having no symptoms of Coronavirus and/or not testing positive for Coronavirus) you are advised to quarantine or you choose to self-isolate due to a person you have come into contact with having Coronavirus.

  2. Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice

    This insurance policy will not cover you to travel to a specific country or to an area where, prior to your trip commencing, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) have advised against all (or all but essential) travel.

    This exclusion does not apply where your destination is within Euro 1 or Euro 2 or Euro 3 (see the definition of 'Geographical Areas' within the policy wording) and where the FCDO have advised against all (or all but essential) travel solely due to the Coronavirus risk.

    It is your responsibility to check the latest advice from the FCDO prior to commencing your trip, which you can find at: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

  3. Medical conditions that we cannot cover

    We are unable to provide any cover for any medical condition for which you, or anyone else to be covered by this policy, have not received a diagnosis, are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

  4. Cruise cover

    There is no cover provided for cruises unless you have selected and paid the appropriate additional premium (in Step 3 of the quote process) and cover is shown on your policy schedule. In any event, there is no cover for cargo or container ship travel.

If you have answered Yes to any of the questions above you should, on the next page, add your medical conditions & history by following the instructions given. To continue please now click on "Continue".